1 month and King of his home

Greetings all.

Harold is aging at an alarming rate.  That’s right, our son is now 1 month old and already showing signs of getting even older.  He spent the last night letting us know exactly where he was and that he didn’t really know what he wanted (but he wanted something, that’s for sure), basically keeping us on our toes.

He has definitely taken control of our little home and rules with an iron fist.

Mother, son and cat relaxing on the sofaWe have, however, reached a happy balance in which everyone can enjoy their days together, at least, when everyone gets what they want.  Harold is in very little control of his needs right now, as most newborns simply need what they need when they need it: sleep, food, changing, attention… and the list grows daily.  The cats aren’t getting as much time with us as they used to but they don’t seem too upset by this.  As you can see good reader, they take their moments where they can.

Elísabet needs her rest, which she gets when Harold is kind enough to grant it.  I need to finish this next week of work, after which I will go on paternity leave and have the opportunity to be a little more helpful around the house.  I look forward to it.

Harold has enjoyed many new things in his first month, including trips to the grocery store, visits from family friends (both local and all the way from Africa), meeting possible playmates and travelling to his Grandparents’ home.  Between naps, baths, meals and changings he’s grown and grown, now more than 5 kilos and rapidly outgrowing clothes that are made for 3-4 month olds.

And we couldn’t be happier.  This last month has been both the longest and shortest for our family.  Hard to believe that a whole month has passed since Harold Paul Peter came into our lives, yet at the same time we’ve been with him for every moment of his entire life.

Hard to believe that the best is yet to come.


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New Eyes

Greetings viewers.

I am a father, my wife a mother.

Without becoming overly emotional or waxing too poetic, I am starting to see the world around me with new eyes.  Not the eyes of my son, but my son’s new world through my old(er) eyes.

 My son is now 13 days old, big, healthy and hungry.  My wife is at home with Harold during the day while I am at work or at school.  It is during the time when I am not at home that I look about and see a new world, or perhaps the world again.  An example may illustrate this best.

I saw the moon this week, but it has been a very long time since I really looked at it.  The sky was that shade of blue which lends itself to the moon for daytime viewing, and the moon was a chalky detailed outline just hanging there as I walked in the woods with my students.  This moon, however, wasn’t my moon anymore.  The moon is Harold’s now, to do with as he will.

Will he walk on it someday?  Will he see a colony on the moon in his lifetime?  What was once a subject reserved for science-fiction novels and television programs may be a reality for my 13 day-old son.  What will the moon mean to my son, and how different will that meaning be from my own?

For that matter, what will Iceland look like for Harold, or Canada, or the world?  Since he was born I have been having a whole lot more “real moments” than I have in years, and they are all about him and his new world.  My view of things is changing daily, and I think my world is gradually being replaced by Harold’s newer, fresher version.  Music as well, but perhaps I’ll write more about those revelations some other time.

I can hear my son and his mother now, together in the living room as I sit here and reflect on the new perspectives he has been showing me.  I think I’ll go and see what he has in store for me today.

Have a good weekend everyone.



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A week ago…

I was big and all puffy and pregnant. It’s almost hard to believe now. But this is how I looked:

Kvöldið áður 07.11.2009

About 18 hours before Harold was born

I’m not so big and puffy right now.  Anyway, the next morning at about 6 or 7, I had the first contractions. Less than 9 hours later, Harold was born. Big and strong baby.

Á fæðingardeildinni

Harold being dressed for the first time, appr. 3 hours after being born.


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The calm before the storm?

This morning I got my H1N1 shot and on my way home, I dropped by the embassy and got the papers needed to register the baby as a Canadian citizen. So, now EVERYTHING is ready and in place and the fun may begin.

I feel better today than I have in a while. I am less tired, less puffy and somehow better balanced, which is good. I am wondering if this is the calm before the storm… Well, at least we are ready.


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No baby until the weekend!

Well, since I won’t be able to get the H1N1 vaccination until Friday morning, the baby will have to wait until after that. Yet another reason for Saturday being a good day.

I sent my friend a text today as it is her husband’s birthday. She called me back immediately and said that I shouldn’t be sending her messages if it’s not announcing the baby’s birth. I don’t know what’s going on with people around me. I’m not supposed to call my husband unless I am letting him know that labour has started and now, I can’t text my friends unless it’s about the baby.

I still feel fine but I am containing a lot of fluids, so now I have very nice sausage fingers and a puffy face. I told me aforementioned friend that I feel like I have silicon or something in my lips and she said:

“Not everyone would be complaining about that”

My reply:

“I probably wouldn’t either if wasn’t also in my cheeks and chin as well!”

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Today is the day!

Yes, today is the set date for us but everything is quiet on the homefront. And I also read somewhere that only 5% of babies are born on the set date. So, I guess we’ll have a few more days before the little one decides to come out. David is hoping for 31 October, which shouldn’t surprise anyone and myself, I hope we’ll have an October baby, just because I don’t want to be pregnant for much longer.

David was really reluctant to leave for school/work today and kept asking me how I was feeling. I am feeling fine, as I have been throughout the whole pregnancy. It just feels a little weird to be waiting for something that can happen anytime in the next 2 weeks and not to have any clue as to when is the most likely time. I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

– Elísabet

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Now it’s real

Greetings, bloglodytes.

I had a “real-moment” today that I thought I just had to mention.  It has to do with my wife, her pregnancy, a cat and a bird.

My lovely wife Elísabet María had just dropped me off at school, where I was teaching for the day.  She has decided that it will be best for her to drive me to work and quite often pick me up afterwards while she can.  Gets her out of the house at least once/twice a day, I suppose.

And I love her for it, because I get to the school fresh and ready.  This morning was no different.  As I have been saying for the last few days, I told her “if there was anything happening, you know… down there, anything babylike or birth-connected, then call me and I will meet you at home or the hospital or whatever I can do.”  Luckily for me the school I teach at is a ten minute walk from the hospital, or perhaps only half that at a screaming full-out sprint (which I will probably be doing).

The time was just before 10:00 am and I was just wrapping up my second class of second-graders, talking about our emotions in English and trying to recognize words for emotions written in English. 

Then the phone rang.

As I took it out of my pocket, not thinking anything particular at the time, I looked at the caller’s ID.  Time, at that point, slowed to a near stop and the second-grade girls all looked at my rapidly whitening face.    Silence reigned.


“…hello.” she said, with a throaty edge.  I thought this was it, and thirteen days early at that.

“The cat brought in a bird but didn’t kill it.  She let it go in the office and now it’s flying around and there are feathers everywhere.  What should I do?”

I never really understood from personal experience what was meant by ‘reality check’ but I can’t say that anymore now, can I?  In that moment between recognizing the picture of my wife that my phone displays when she calls, and answering her question about what to do when a cat brings a live bird into the house, I suddenly had all the responsibilities of father with a new child and a wife in labour and I needed to get home to her right away.

That moment was probably the most real one I have had since she agreed to marry me.

Just thought I’d share that with all of you.  My wife has since been properly chastised for almost making me faint in front of a group of six-year old girls.



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